Glass Houses ~ #MayWriting #poetry

Originally posted on Night Owl Poetry – Dorinda Duclos:
Silently, behind the window Lost, in a house of dismay Reflective moments in the glass She sits there, day after day Too many stones, left upturned Not enough time to amend them Excuses made, in every which way Shattered, as she tries to defend them Emptiness,…

The glass ceiling

The Glass Ceiling Thu, 03/30/2017 – 05:26 — Meg Tanner For men, there is no ceiling to hit, nothing restricting them, But for women, there is a glass ceiling. They can see through it, they can see what they could have. But they are stopped. Their paths and journeys are suddenly halted. They cannot reach…

Life In An Hour Glass

Originally posted on The Lonely Author:
Life In An Hour Glass ? Sometimes I feel as if I live in an hour glass, buried beneath a ton of relentless sand. We run, work, stay busy Make grand plans for the tomorrows that arrive much too soon. Whenever life overwhelms I pause to think about you

Looking glass

Originally posted on Megha's World:
I’m looking through a looking-glass The reality seems so bleak and the nightmares seem so true Pain, sadness, and anxiety  all have begun to bloom   I’m looking through the looking-glass My dreams and hopes are dwindling all the sunshine I was storing seems to be just ending   I’m looking through…