First date: Let me elaborate

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? First date: Let me elaborate Cogitate Ruminate Appreciate Salivate Fixate Oscillate Debate Capitulate Contemplate Abdicate Germinate Inundate Elevate Inchoate Blind-date Anticipate Dominate Interest-rate Orchestrate Activate Celebrate Great First-rate Chocolate Checkmate! Alan Grace 26 April 2018 Daily prompt: Elaborate Inchoate


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In the eyes of a man I make him seem weak In the eyes of a woman I make her seem ordinary Not my fault… Since birth he is taught that boys don’t cry she is taught that girls are fragile In the stark light of sun I make…

Navigating Twitterverse

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When your younger brother runs around the house with scissors, you should definitely object. ~ Dedicated to @VinceSchilling and his wife @DelSchilling and their absolutely hilarious and heartbreaking tweets . I’m not feeling at all amorous as I wade into the forbidden fray of squabbling neighbors who are unprepared…