Peeled Apart

Sonder Stories

Act 1. Creation of the layers

She rises from her bed with a groan;

Splashes water, cold, to feel something.

Paints the layers of her face:

Concealer, dab and smooth;

Eyeliner, darken;

Eye shadow, smoldered- into a smoke of hidden intentions.

Collared shirt, blazer, pencil skirt.

Coat of lipstick- a shade darker than the pink underneath.

Bag.  Laptop. Coffee.

Another look in the mirror.

Check of the bag.

She walks out the door with a smile.

Act 2 Scene 1. No Peels

Her steps resonate the hall.

Click. Clack. Click.

Determined, fast, productive.

Coffee in one hand, purse in other, smile on face,

A “Good morning, how was your weekend?”

Nods. Light chatter. Contained laughter.

Sits down. Scribbles a checklist.

Rhythmic typing like a soundless keyboard.

Act 2 Scene 2-  The Peeling Begins

A barely audible sigh;

Furrowed brows, bent shoulders,

The knot in her stomach is uncontainable.

The rhythm…

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