Acts of Random Kindness

Acts of Random Kindness Was Noah’s ARK An Act of Random Kindness Ask each pair That’s still here In my tactful tandem blindness Is AARDVARK Alan Grace 6 July 2018 Also see: Jul 5 Layers I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts

The aardvark (an acrostic)

The aardvark An aardvark is a funny creature Always with many a strange feature Really Dreary Very Awkwardly scary Rightly these [ant] [s]layers do not neglect Kindly treat baby [ants] pray with respect Alan Grace 6 July 2018 Jul 5 Layers I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts Also see:  

Peeled Apart

Originally posted on Sonder Stories:
Act 1. Creation of the layers She rises from her bed with a groan; Splashes water, cold, to feel something. Paints the layers of her face: Concealer, dab and smooth; Eyeliner, darken; Eye shadow, smoldered- into a smoke of hidden intentions. Collared shirt, blazer, pencil skirt. Coat of lipstick- a…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Originally posted on Jennifer Mishra:
This week, the theme is to: Photograph layers Photographing layers this week initially gets me thinking macro – getting in close and really looking at the individual layers that makeup the whole. Detail of Anselm Kiefer, Breaking of the Vessels, made from layers of metal in the St. Louis Art…