Finally: A Winter’s Peace

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Writing in the Cloud

Writing in the Cloud My writing is in sky Cloud “Likes” avowed of mine I’m proud I’ve reblogged scores I’ll reblog yours Typed with my pingback endowed Alan Grace 30 June 2018 Jun 30 Clouds I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts: Clouds I am now only reblogging your Daily Prompt post if you have a…

Fluke: Water Encounter

Originally posted on Piper's Adventures:
Kayaking across the reservoir slight breeze with water blue enjoying the silence not having a clue ? Suddenly a fluke occurred and there ahead of me was a circular object as shiny as can be ? Moving closer the object began to dance causing ripples in the water putting…

The Constant Invitation

Originally posted on Family Matters:
“Consciousness narrows as we get older….Adults have congealed in their beliefs and are hard to shift…whereas children are more fluid and consequently more willing to entertain new ideas. If you want to understand what an expanded consciousness looks like, all you have to do is have tea with a four-year-old.”…