Deprived- Fake event

I went into Auckland city yesterday to attend an event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
(an IHG hotel).CrownePlaza

Sadly no organiser turned up and no venue had been booked at the hotel.

What a waste of time 😦

Perhaps I should expect an email or phone call from someone operating a “Nigerian” type scam?

The hotel had no record of the event. Until at least four others came up to reception, the person at reception thought I had got the date or venue wrong.

I am letting you all know about this in case this is a scam that may occur in your country.

The event had an overseas organiser with the event booked through Eventbrite.

There were at least 15 other (duplicate) events booked through Eventbrite for 12.30 and 6.00 today and yesterday.

I contacted Eventbrite later in the day and also the hotel.

Even although Eventbrite emailed me today that the events had been removed from the website, a number of events were still advertised for today at 12.30 and 6.00 and some are still on their website this afternoon (see below).

The hotel did nothing yesterday (despite another fake event advertised for 6.30pm) and sent one email today to Eventbrite this morning but now will only apologise to anyone who turns up for the fake events.

The general manager of the Crowne Plaza phoned me this morning but has said the hotel will do nothing more apart from apologising to any one who turns up for the fake events.

I received no apology and neither did the others who turned up for the 12.30 event yesterday.

I sent an email to the event organiser yesterday but have not received a reply.

I am still waiting a phone call from the General Manager of IHG in New Zealand.

It may be a long wait 😦

I feel deprived (I could use other words as well) after turning up for a fake event and having my time wasted.

What a waste of time 😦

Watch this space for an update.

Although Eventbrite said before 8.00 am this morning the “listings had been unpublished from our system” (see email below), below are some of the same (duplicate) events still on Eventbrite at 2.00 pm today:





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