Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Phoenix Prophecies…

Spirit Train Chronicles

In the Night and in the Day
Speak to the Heart and Soul of
The Dreamer…the Sandman…
A voice that never rests beckons…
Listen…Listen and See the Visions…

Something New…
Rolling and roaring clouds, The Forces
Of elements collide, then Thunder
And Lightning…Sparks split and slashed
The Skies with the Power of the Heavens…
Horses, magnificent in color and Form
Stomp and thrash, the animals know
They can sense it…
A Phoenix, Blazing a Divine Fire.
An Eternal Force, limitless…the Essence
And Infinite Guardian and Eye of
The Cosmos, of the Heavens…
The Stars Align and by the Sun and by
The Moon…They call to Earth…
Destiny…The Will, The Power of
The Highest Forces.
The Phoenix…

Natural laws have been reshaped
And broken…by science, not prayer.
Aligning, colliding two worlds
To balance a course Forged into motion
By Ancient Mortal Secret Societies…
An Order, Secret…
By Bloodlines…13…And by 13 men

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