Rain From Clear Blue Sky

Stoner on a rollercoaster

I was shiver and shaking again
Pelted by lies and deceit
It was an uncontrollable fit
My bones hurt
I was falling apart
Until finally
The sleep embraced me
Before my final collapse
Somebody had to save me right?
I woke up a stranger
A new person
A new world
A new life
A blank canvas
Of an artist
Going through a crisis
A poor helpless artist
Having an unbreakable
Artist’s block
High on despair
Then I saw myself
Or whoever it was
In the mirror
Who was it?
So different
So oblivious
Of the storm
So empty
Devoid or feelings
How could it be?
Then I saw her smiling
A faint smile
Of trust
And belief
A pained smile
Of admiration
And validation
A smile
So tired
So calm
Surprisingly peaceful
Is it my soul?
I questioned
And I saw rain
Falling from the clear blue sky

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