I have just about found my poetry legs,
To maintain a semblance of balance on this voyage of words.
The ocean of ideas overwhelms me at times,
At others I navigate through thoughts like an old hand.
There are times when the waters are still and deep
Words of wisdom flow freely at such times.
But when the sea of events get choppy,
My ideas get tossed about relentlessly
And the poetic output is erratic and unstable.
On clear, sunny days,
Words come to me with glass like clarity,
Effortlessly gliding into a piece
Which leaves me breathless and surprised.
Stormy, dark days
Reach into the hidden recesses of my mind,
Churning the words into a jumbled mass.
I have to struggle to unravel the knots
Making sense out of chaos.
How long this voyage will last
No one can tell.
Patience is a virtue I do possess

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