~*~ Narcissistic Asshole ~*~

Beckie's Mental Mess

Image result for pictures of narcissistNot one mirror was safe

without your reflection

it spawned.

Grandiose you’d gloat

like a proud little

billy goat facing

each new day that dawned.

You’d build me up

to make me your princess

in a crown,

all to just shred me

to bits, and tear me down.

You were so convincing,

the knight I thought you once were,

your sweet talking ways

quickly swayed;

“I’m done with you.” you’d say,

when suddenly bored.

Tears streaming down my face,

your only reply was that I

was a disgrace.

Then moments later without any warning…

Feel your fingertips trace

a heart on my back.

Because of all you had wanted

was another roll in the sack.

How did I put up with all of that?

My drinking and depression took its toll,

living with a narcissistic A-Hole

would certainly do that.

I almost took my life,

and he could have cared less;

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