Daily prompt: Transformation. Good service hammered/axed.

Good service hammered/axed

Must undergo transformation
Service without hesitation
Daily Prompt loss is the worst
Will customers ne’er come first
Till from WordPress mass migration

Alan Grace
9 June 2018

For my Daily prompts see: https://wordpress.com/posts/flakback.wordpress.com

For instructions on how to submit your own post for this prompt see: https://flakback.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/daily-prompts/

WordPress is undergoing a transformation presently both in terms of functionality (WordPress 5.0 will be here sometime) and maybe in terms of philosophy. Many users were stunned that WordPress stopped Daily Prompts without prior consultation with users.

We do not know what themes will survive when WordPress 5.0 eventually comes.
See: https://flakback.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/wordpress-5-0-feedback/

Consequently I do not know whether my prompt site will work with WordPress 5.0; I will leave the site up so that it may serve as a prototype for anyone wishing to start a similar site. See: https://flakback.wordpress.com/

Tomorrow may be my last (recycled) Daily prompt.

The old Daily Prompt site is still working (at the moment).

Enjoy it while it lasts.




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