The Traveller’s Heart

Enjoy my version:

My achy breaky heart

My torn heart beats within my chest
Will yours accept my love request
It tries its best, but can’t get in,
Cries in vain to be within.

When yours sang sense poetically
Stripped all innocence inside me
It bewitched me, now slave to thine
Damning heart that won’t share mine.

My past-heart beats incessantly
Too soon retreats reluctantly,
Romantic love, cut surgically
Today way lost- Please find me.

My heart you carve my love you halve
Apart diminished love you starve
Your quick arrhythmic panic trick
Part-finished makes me feel sick.

My heart unravels inside me
Knows truth not your love’s true beauty
I hope your heartfelt love divine
Lost in time will still be mine.

(Modified by) Alan Grace
11 January 2018

Daily prompts:  



The Vile Mint


It searches nights to find its rest
Will one welcome poorest guest?
It smells its own, but can’t get in,
Try in vein to see within.

A heart once beat incessantly
In organic love, romantically.
Yet, now it treads hesitantly,
Lost its way… Never free.

When she sang in truth and beauty
They stripped her innocence inside me.
It molded her, now slave to thee,
A hanging heart that cannot see.

The heart that travels inside me.
Knows no truth, love… beauty.

Written by Randall Evans

This is the Vile Mint.

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