Sounds like the last few days of New Zealand’s summer if you make a few minor changes .. like England to Zealand and snow to hail etc.


I think I’m allergic to wet weather 😦

Daily Prompt:  Allergic

Poesy plus Polemics


tumblr_mylbb6UrSx1qb1i2wo1_1280 “Winter Chaos, Blizzard” by Marsden Hartley

fierce turning winds
born of violent helix
whip oceans with
spirals of face-slapping
haymaker force
severe snowmaker
lashing at coasts
bringing blizzards
to bury the land
fill the valleys and
fatten the mountains
a roaring assertion
of dominance stirring
in flesh and blood
frailty real fear of
cold counterclock
cycles whose cosmic
proportions of power
give fury to weather
in vortex of winter

oh stoic New England
it’s you who must hold
against mad season
rampage and rage
hunkered down in
the warmth of your
plainspoken principles
flannel and fleece
and a fortified hearth
keep your values
alive instrumental in
teachable moments
of terrible trial
with shovel and plow
and a tipple of whiskey
you summon your
ancestral fortitude
rugged and rustic
full fit to withstand
the assaults of Borrhás

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