I want a Level Playing Field; Not a Sting!

Deborah Russell is no longer listed as a current MP or as an incumbent.
Deborah’s quoted reason for standing is “A commitment to fairness. … For people to be free, you have to enable freedom.” (NZ Herald p D21, September 19, 2017).

It is sad it took so many days for Deborah to remove potentially misleading wording from her profile; it is also sad she did not let me know she had done this.

Some other Wikipedia pages may have changed (hopefully) by the time you read this.


New Zealand has a general election taking place presently.

A level playing field

To the elections this spring
All we want to do is bring
Fairness and equity
Lack of perplexity
Not party bellyaching!

Alan Grace
18 September 2017


The last line was previously:

Oh no! Can this be a sting?

Oh no! This is not a sting!


You are not in (The Republic of) Whangamomona now Dr Russell!


For all you Shortland St fans:

cf. You’re not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata!

Or Nigeria!



Daily prompt: Sting

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