What a dumb idea: Auckland Council wheels out new rubbish bin service. What do you think?

Have you read the latest (August) “OUR AUCKLAND”? Look at P4.
Auckland council is going to use the old blue/yellow wheelie bins for rubbish collection. Are we supposed to leave our sticky rotting rubbish in the bin for at least two weeks until it is full?

The orange bags have already gone up almost 18% (just under 17.95%) since they were first introduced (from $1.95 to $2.30).
Council says response that just over 260 households in a trial were enthusiastic about the new service. However pricing will not be known until later this month for the “pay-as-you-throw” (PAYT) wheelie bin.
We have a long drive and have to put the big recycling bin near the bottom of our drive. Clearly the blue bin can not be taken in our car down the drive (as the orange bag was). See:

Also see https://www.neighbourly.co.nz/message/view/28292417RubbishNew.PNG

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  1. davison says:

    I object to the most expense, to the fact that tickets can be removed from your bin, to the fact that we have been forced to endure rotting rubbish, to the whole dictatorship of modern government.

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