Why was the K-Plus group started?

Currently all K-Plus members belong to Neighbourly.

All members of the K-PLus group support the concept of Neighbourly.

Sadly the concept and the reality are not the same.

Where is our “freedom of expression”?

A number of Neighbourly members in West Auckland found that Neighbourly was too restrictive about posting humorous posts and posts about cats in particular on its main forum.

Neighbourly was not flexible about this. It adopted a hard-line approach. It was very heavy-handed about the deletion of posts without any consultation with the poster before the deletion took place and in may cases ever afterwards.

The Neighbourly helpdesk was not helpful and often did not even respond.

Sometimes the member posting got an email saying a post was “on hold” and was asked to modify it.

No indication was given as to what the issue was except in generic terms.

Terms like “unproductive content” were used.

Even after a change was approved and a post made live again, a post was almost immediately later deleted and despite an email to the Helpdesk (they don’t answer phone calls anymore) no response was received.

Consequently the K-PLus group was formed by me so that its members could freely post safely without interference.

Neighbourly needs to remember:



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