The First day's "Digest" for the new "K-Plus" private Google+ group

The K-Plus group started yesterday and now has four members- a great start. Sadly none of the 3 K’s have managed to join yet.

You can only join this group by invitation

Why was this group formed?

Sadly my computer took hours to upload software updates yesterday morning and in the afternoon I had three events to attend so I could only set up the group and send out invites to a few people late yesterday morning.

The conversation in the group got off to a slow start with discussion about how bored members might get if there were only a few members.

Should be no problem then for Mr M to sleep between posts. On the day of his op (about two weeks ago), I sent him a PM with a picture of someone sleeping between posts (see below); bedposts that is. This theme was picked up by another member.




I don’t know whether this may be Mrs M. Regardless it looks like Mr M has some interesting bedroom habits. Very hard for anyone else to sleep in this bed.

Fortunately Mr M took my email in the right spirit 🙂

In my email I said I didn’t want to post it on Neighbourly in case it was deleted 😦


The first day turned out to be a real “pot-boiler.”

Maybe I’ll have to eat my [c][h]at (remove one or no letters with square brackets around).

I am finding it hard to stomach these bad puns.

Or ALF’s eating habits.

F mentioned ALF’s eating habits:


Cooked cats anyone? 😦

F pondered whether Neighbourly would accept this post.

I wonder whether F would accept an invite from ALF for tea? How will she cook her cat when she invites ALF back to her place for a meal?

Some cat cookbooks have been posted in the group to help her choose a menu.

We need the 3 K’s to respond in the group.


One member couldn’t spell his first name correctly.

Mr M found it difficult to see what the problem was with the spelling of his first name.


“Super-speller” R could not solve the spelling mistake until it was spelled out to her after a number of emails.


She gave me her “tuppen[an]ce” worth of thoughts to me in an email.

Her thoughts were worth at least a penny?Penny-for-your-thoughts

All Leads know this feeling and  how undervalued they are by Neighbourly. It’s easier for Neighbourly to ignore, to delete posts, or to sack Leads than to listen to them and address their concerns for the benefit of all members.



Certificates have been awarded to all three new members of the K-Plus group for their (not always intentional) efforts.


After a slow start, all the posts/replies (in the group and in emails) hopefully proved to be entertaining for all.


Wanna join this group?


Look at my next post to see how you can get an invitation.

Probably no more “digests” will be posted in this blog.




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