Guidelines for joining the Cat's PAJAMAS (aka the K-Plus group)

Are you interested in PAJAMAS (Pets, Animals, Jokes, Anecdotes, Musings, Amusements, & Sayings)?

The K-Plus group is a private Google+ Group that is free to join for anyone in New Zealand. You may also like to read this page.

There is no membership fee.

Please read the Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Please use your real name (not a pseudonym) when joining the group.

You need to be invited to join by an existing member of the group.

Any existing member may send you a link to join the group.

Use my Contact page to email me if you wish to join.
Please send me a message using your usual email address, including in the message your Gmail address (an email address ending in, your First name, your Last name, and your suburb.

If you do not have a Gmail email, you can create a free Gmail account here.



Once you have joined you can use this link to access the group (bookmark the page):

You may also like to look at:


Existing members: Please copy and paste between the (dotted) lines below to invite people to join the group.

Note: it will probably be easier to use this method to get people to join the group.


Are you interested in cat pictures/ jokes/ puzzles?
Maybe you may like to join the free K-Plus group?
Can you please promote the K-Plus private group (a free NZ Google+ group) to your friends/ groups/ suburb(s)?
Thank you.


You will need to have a (free email) gmail account if you wish to join the group (required by Google). Many people will already have this.

Below are some draft Guidelines for the group.


Draft guidelines (subject to change- still to be discussed with the existing members):

  1. Please use your real name (not a pseudonym) when joining the group.
  2. You may be required to prove your identity before/ after you join.
  3. Members are encouraged to belong to Neighbourly (maybe watch the video at the bottom of the page in the link if you do not know about Neighbourly).
  4. The group will be essentially self-moderating. Please do not post anything that my mum and your mum would not be happy to see.
  5. Freedom of speech/ expression is encouraged subject to these guidelines. Above all have fun but not (too much) at anyone else’s expense. i.e. don’t ruin anyone else’s fun/ experience. Light banter is allowed. Humour is encouraged (GSOH).
  6. No commercial advertising is allowed (you may give a brief introduction about yourself/ your business only in your very first introductory post). However relevant free/ discounted offers may be allowed- check with Alan.
  7. You may sell/ swap/ give away your own personal items (no commercial quantities).
  8. Posts about your experiences (good and bad) with tradesmen/ companies you have employed to undertake work for you are allowed.
  9. Please do not “pin” any of your posts- we need the welcome message to stay where it is!
  10. No mention about this group is allowed with/ on any media without my permission.


This group will take a top-down approach in its development. It will start with one (main) forum (for all of New Zealand) and as membership grows it will have links (in the main forum) to other (sub) groups that members may wish to develop.

Eventually it is hoped that regional subgroups will develop eventually organically (naturally) over time hopefully extending to suburb groupings.

Special Interest Groups (SIGS) will also develop over time.

I hope you will enjoy this group.

Good luck

Alan Grace

6 July 2017

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