We survived the Waterview Tunnel yesterday

On the way back home yesterday, we went through the new Waterview Tunnel (this was the first day it was opened for cars).

It took longer to drive through the tunnel than we expected. Not a great deal of traffic.

Spot the black car (three in front) changing lanes. Don’t they know it’s illegal ūüė¶

The car actually went from the middle lane to the left lane (wrong order here).

I must increase the resolution on the dashcam.

Maybe they need a bigger sign:


We walked through the tunnel the previous Sunday.


Earlier yesterday we went to the Arataki Visitor Centre.


The day did not look like this. Arataki was just about in the clouds.

Sadly I left my camera at home. I am not joined at the hip to my cell phone (it was at home too)¬†and it doesn’t take pictures anyway.

That meant I could not take a picture of the lizard (see Q1) for Robyn to measure.

The stick insect was harder to spot. We kept looking for it in all the branches and finally spotted it in the very front of the bush nearest the glass.

When we first go there we looked at the free 12 minute video. We found the button to push and sure enough the video started 50 seconds later. A private viewing just for us.

Great aerial footage and much more coastal shots than I expected.


After Arataki we went to the Winyard Quarter in the city to see the markets. Don’t bother with this! After taking the lift up the “gantry” walk.¬†Looked at the¬†views over the silos. Best views at the lift end.


Then a trip home through the tunnel after “enjoying” the assault on the olfactory senses at the Fish market.



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