Freebies I hope to attend this week

A busy Wednesday afternoon for me this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, in Auckland, I have a free four-hour computer workshop to attend.

I am also going to look at Sir Peter Blake’s vessel, Tara, and going to the talk below.


Read more about Auckland Conversations and Tara.

The last of the free four-hour computer workshops is below:


I went to the PC building workshop as well.

This blog resulted from another free workshop.


I am actually booked for both of these events:


Something will have to give!

See Eventbrite for these and other events.

I like to look at the (free) events (this week or next week). See–auckland/free–events–this-week/

Maybe I’ll see you at one of these events?


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  1. I never really gotten into Augmented Reality, aside from a bit of Geocaching. Having studied cybersecurity, I’m very apprehensive about enabling location services on my mobile devices. Whenever I go Geocaching, I use my handheld Garmin GPSMap60 GPS Receiver. It isn’t connected to the Internet, and therefore doesn’t report my current location back to anyone. I can still download the latest Geocache data to my GPS device at home, and I have even replaced the default maps with OpenStreetMap ones. But AR in general is probably not for me. I try to practice safe personal cybersecurity by only posting where I’ve been, not where I am, or where I will be.

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      My brother, Rex, and his wife, Sharon, are into Geocaching Robert. Even overseas in Hawaii.


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