Neighbourly: What should I talk about next?

I would like to know what Neighbourly members would like me to talk about next in my blog.

Why I do not recommend Neighbourly

If you have any thoughts or information to share please comment on this post, email me (look at the bottom of my Competitions page for my email address) look at my Contact page, or post on Neighbourly.

Some possible topics of conversation:

  1. We believe in the concept of Neighbourly but have we been sold a “bill of Goods” i.e. Is Neighbourly what we think it is/ should be?
  2. Fixing of bugs: when are they going to be fixed up?
  3. Freedom of speech on Neighbourly
  4. Should there be any restrictions on the number of new posts a member starts each day?
  5. Fake news: Hyperinflation of the number of members
  6. Deletion of posts without prior consultation with the member posting
  7. Transactions (My Neighbourly): Hello, hello, hello- what’s going on here?
  8. Sacking of Leads
  9. Leads: Should suburbs choose their own Leads?
  10. What (extra) functionality would you like to see (e.g. when posting)?
  11. Neighbourly “Helpdesk”: Are we being ignored?
  12. Where is Neighbourly headed? Why are we being not being informed? Is Neighbourly just a database to be sold off?
  13. Cowboy/ bad tradesmen and scammers: what should we do?
  14. Neighbourly: Big Brother? Nanny State? Police State? Cyber Nazis? I hope not
  15. Any other topics?

Let’s start a conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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