Pingbacks to Facebook

This was really cool!

My brother told me he had seen my posts on Facebook.

I replied that I had not posted on Facebook for years.

In fact I had last posted (directly) on Facebook in 2015 before the flag referendum.

What had happened was posts that I had written in WordPress had automatically been added to my Facebook account as soon as I had first published a new page 🙂

I finally understood what a pingback was.

To get these posts automatically included on your Facebook page, just “friend” me on Facebook!

My brother was a friend of mine on Facebook and he automatically had the details for each of my WordPress posts and a link to them. The first image on the page was also included.

Just remember that this will happen the first time you publish each new page so make sure you have proof read your page before you publish it.

After I published a page, by the time I went to Facebook, my post was already there!

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