Comparison of the first two Competitions

Please make sure you try the (original) Competition and the (second) New Competition before you read this post.

A person has stated on Neighbourly (referring to me) that “Now you have dumbed your quiz down to treat everyone as they are in fact lacking the required skills to participate.”

How dumb it that? I’ll let you decide after you have tried both competitions. Maybe she would have come to a different opinion if she had actually tried the competitions?

Maybe Forrest Gump is wiser?

The second competition is not a dumbed down version of the original competition.

Don’t read any more until you have tried the competitions!

The two competitions are equally challenging (in different ways).

The first competition is more mathematical in nature whereas the second competition has a more logical focus.

Both have their challenges.

Many struggled with the maths in the first competition.

Only one person was able to work out the correct answer (of mine) for Question 2 in the second competition.

Even all the answers that I have seen on the Internet for this question are not complete.

One person commented that her “very intelligent friends” thought my answer was wrong for question 2.

A fair enough comment since I have developed my own answer for this question.

The winner of the competition came up with the same answer as me- otherwise he would not have become the winner ;).

Only one person sent me the answer to the last question in the original competition.

Some help will be given for this question in another post.

Good luck with my competitions!

P.S. Please follow the rules. Submit your answers one question at a time and only go on to the next question when I say you can (when you get a question right).

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