I got my first comment!

The tutor teaching the Building a computer workshop left my first comment on my previous post.

Thank you for leaving me my first comment in my blog Alex.

I told Alex that I had never even taken the cover off a computer before the workshop today. Oops, update Sunday: early this morning I remembered that last century, likely over 20 years ago while on one month’s TRL (Technical Refresher Leave) at a computer company to evaluate educational software, one day I spent some time putting extra RAM into some new computers.

I do not think I was masking my IT skills (as Alex, the tutor who commented on my blog, claims) in the workshop.

Alex was aware I had taught computer skills at AUT (for over 21 years) and had taught at Auckland University for a couple of years.

He was also aware that I had taught computer courses at other tertiary places as well but probably didn’t know the names: CIBT (Cornell Institute of Business and Technology) and NZSE (New Zealand School of Education).

You can also add to the list the following secondary schools that I probably did not mention: Avondale College (maths, computer studies), Epsom Girls Grammar School (computer studies), and Massey High School (maths).

I don’t think I was masking my IT skills Alex!

An interesting workshop.

It is great that Ames is providing these free four-hour workshops.



Just kidding Alex 🙂

I just couldn’t resist this.

Don’t mask your sense of humour 😉

Here’s a peace offering:


However if you feel a need for a mask, here are some gifts for you:

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