I built a PC!

I have just got home from building a PC!

First in the class we stripped down a PC until only the case was left.

We then separated the fan from the CPU, cleaned off the old and applied new thermal paste, then rebuilt the PC again. Fortunately it still worked 🙂

Only 3 people turned up out of the 9 who had booked for the free 4-hour class.

Sadly the class did not get off to a quick start. The tutor (Alex) insisted on waiting around for 15 minutes in case some more students turned up.

No one else turned up. Fortunately we still has 3/4 of an hour left after we had completed the work.



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  1. Hi Alan,
    I i already stated the course was aimed at people that have never touched a computer and before they could start working ESD precautions would have to be covered the reason for waiting… i am a grate believer in helping everyone and while we were waiting it gave an opportunity to ready the handout and discus as well as you to probe me with any questions, after all 15 minutes is a small price to ensure that everybody has an enjoyable experience. The reason for the finishing before the time was also because the course was aimed towards people that have never done a course and so some time was built in also we had a shorter break. I hope that this explanation is good enough and thank you for coming along even though you have extensive IT knowledge which you tried to mask in the course i am hopeful you got something out of it.
    Best Regards,


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